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The quality of a commercial project hinges on the professionals who build it. Partnering with the unions and the construction industry ensures your project is done within budget and on time, so you can begin - or resume - the business of doing business.

Teamwork among union contractors and craftsmen lays the foundation for many of this region's premier facilities. Experience, leveraging technology, safety priorities and attention to detail are the hallmarks of union work. Whether your project is new construction, renovation or retrofitting, it's done with diligence to meet your budget and scheduling requirements. And when it's needed, union professionals are experts at maintaining sensitivity to preserver the history of a site, a building or appearance.


Southern Tier Brewing Company

Rustic Aesthetics and Brewery Functionality Come Together at Southern Tier Brewing

Southern Tier Brewing Company, located in Lakewood, New York, viewed Pittsburgh as an exciting market in which to expand its business.  Located on the North Shore between the stadiums and among other new office and entertainment development, the brewpub includes a full-service restaurant, tap room, onsite brewing, and a small gift shop.

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The first phase of construction was an 11,000 square-foot interior fit-out including the restaurant and bar, brewing areas, MEP systems, and offices. Whiskey barrels and rustic elements were used as a design theme throughout the space.

Light fixtures were hand-crafted from barrels cut in half and splayed open for the unique design. Wood slats from whiskey barrels were also installed along the kitchen walls in a basket-weave pattern. The stand-alone tables in the bar area are reclaimed pieces of wood from the beams above the bar. A shadowbox of the Southern Tier logo was installed along the back wall, illuminated by remote-controlled roped lighting inside the framing. The shadowbox is 3/16th steel, cut and aged for a rustic look. The second phase of construction focused on the exterior, creating an 8,500 square-foot biergarten. 

The Project: Southern Tier Brewing Company Restaurant, Micro-Brewery, Biergarten

Owner: Southern Tier Brewing Company

Architect: Fukui Architects

General Contractor: Landau Building Company, Pittsburgh, PA

Bridgeside Point

The union construction industry's ERECT, or pension fund, program cemented the commitment from the project owner to choose Pittsburgh as the site for this $21 million, 153,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art biotechnology facility. Built on time and under budget, the facility houses Cellomics, Inc., and is able to cater to the company's biotech research, administrative and pharmaceutical production operations.